Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders is heading west

Fans of the series can get building on PS4 later this year.

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As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations for the Dragon Quest series, it has today been announced that Dragon Quest Builders, the blocky sandbox builder, is coming to the west.

A game in the same vein as Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders tasks you with building houses and villages for settlements of people who have been robbed of their creativity. You play as a hero chosen by the Goddess, who sets out to return the power of creation to the world. You can build a variety of tools from materials you gather, and slowly rebuild a kingdom that was destroyed long before the game begins.

In true Dragon Quest style, whilst building up your village you will need to fend off the iconic monsters that the game is known for, eventually to take back the world and overthrow the evil Dragonlord. The game is slated for a western release this October and it's heading to PS4.

Check out the announcement trailer and some screens below, and keep scrolling down for...

Dragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest Builders

We were also recently at the Square-Enix pre-E3 showcase where we got a chance to sample the game and in the video below Jonathan and Dóri provide their impressions:

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