Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

DreamHack changes CS:GO coaching rules

There are a number of tweaks in place.

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DreamHack has announced big changes for CS:GO coaches just in time for DreamHack Masters Malmö, especially regarding how they can interact with their team, with the organisation claiming they "want to offer better ways for teams to interact with their coach, with more time for communication, based on feedback and dialogues with coaches from a variety of teams."

These changes include t a system that updates how coaches can talk to their players, with four timeouts a match for 30 seconds each, and no restrictions per half. Combined with freeze time, teams then have 50 seconds, although timeouts are not stackable, and can only be used at the time of calling.

In terms of how long they can talk for, coaches can speak for 20 seconds during free time, and 60 seconds during half time, but in technical pauses everyone is muted, as this isn't a time where tactical discussion is allowed. Unused timeouts will transfer into overtime, where coaches can talk for 30 seconds going into overtime, and 30 seconds in its half time.

We should see a different approach to coaching when DreamHack Masters Malmö kicks off on August 30, then, but do you think these changes are for the best?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: DreamHack

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