Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Dreamhack Masters has kicked off

Results and upcoming matches after day one.

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The first day of the tournament in Malmö, Sweden, gave us some surprising outcomes. As the tournament format is such that teams can pack their bags after two defeats, things looked dire for some of the favourites. Here are some of the highlights:

Group C:
The new super team FaZe lost their opening game against NiP and had to win their elimination game against mousesports. The German team had lost their first game against Major winners Gambit. FaZe did manage to beat mousesports and are still in the tournament. Thanks to their wins, NiP and Gambit will face off tomorrow with a play-off spot on the line, while the loser will face off with FaZe for the last spot from the group. Both games are best of three. Meanwhile, mousesports are eliminated.

Group B:

On paper an exciting and hard to predict battle commenced as Na'Vi faced off against Virtus.Pro on Inferno. But things never really got exciting in practice as Na'Vi gave a solid performance and beat the Polish team 16-4. A victory that takes Na'Vi through to tomorrow's best of three games where they will play Astralis. The Danes qualified through a convincing win over Renegades. Hence, the elimination match features Virtus.Pro and Renegades. The Polish team woke up way too late in the game and their loss meant they had to pack their bags. An outback that must be seen as an upset even if the team's form has been up and down as of late. Renegade will face the losing team of the Na'Vi versus Astralis match up for the final play-off spot.


Group A
SK Gaming - B.O.O.T-d[S] 16-2 (Cache)
North - Cloud9 16-10 (Inferno)

Elimination Match:
Cloud9 - B.O.O.T-d[S] 16-2 (Mirage)

Group B
Virtus.Pro-Na'Vi 4-16 (Inferno)
Astralis-Renegades 16-3 (Train)

Elimination Match:
Renegades-Virtus.Pro 16-7 (Cache)

Group C
NiP-FaZe 16-8 (Nuke)
Gambit-mousesports 16-6 (Train)

Elimination Match:
FaZe-mousesports 16-9 (Mirage)

Group D
Immortals-Fnatic 16-14 (Cobblestone)
G2 esports-EnVyUs 16-13 (Inferno)

Elimination Match:
Fnatic-EnVyUs 16-13 (Cobblestone)

Upcoming matches:

Thursday (CEST)
10:00 SK Gaming-North
13:00 Astralis-Na'Vi
16:00 Gambit-NiP
19:00 G2 esports-Immortals

Friday (CEST)
10:00 Cloud9-SK Gaming/North
13:00 Renegades-Astralis/Na'Vi
16:00 FaZe-Gambit/NiP
19:00 Fnatic-Immortals/G2 esports

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Foto: Dreamhack

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