Drum Box

Drum Box is aiming to be "the most complete drumming game on Nintendo Switch"

It features eight genres and three unlockable difficulty levels.

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Rhythm games might not be as popular as they were back in the 2000s, but we've still seen some great entries over the past few years such as Harmonix's Fuser and the VR-focused Beat Saber. One of the latest games within the genre to be revealed is Drum Box, which describes itself as being "the most complete drumming game on Nintendo Switch."

Unlike the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games that featured physical instruments, Drum Box requires you to push buttons in time with the music that are allocated to different parts of the kit. The game will reportedly feature eight different genres (Reggae, Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Salsa) and there will be three difficult settings that you can unlock. There's planned to be a Freestyle Mode that includes 8 drum kits and a pretty self-explanatory Training Mode. No licensed tracks are featured here, however, but there are many backing tracks provided by popular YouTube channel Drum! Drum! Drum!

No release date has yet been revealed for Drum Box. You can take a look at the reveal trailer for the game in the video above.

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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