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Duke Nukem actor on criticism

Jon St John on unfair comparisons

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In an interview with The Joy Pads, Duke Nukem's voice actor Jon St John gives a comment on the criticism against Duke Nukem Forever - generally, the reviews have not been nice, and at the time of writing the average score on Metacritic has landed on a 49/100 for the Xbox 360-version (with 57 on PC and 55 for PS3).

"I have no comments regarding bad reviews by clueless critics," Jon St John said. "They seem to want to compare Duke Nukem Forever to Call Of Duty and other FPS's and they are missing the point. My thoughts about Duke Nukem Forever: It freakin ROCKS! Lots of action, lots of fun, sexy, funny, irreverent... It's everything I hoped it would be."

Duke Nukem Forever

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