Trials of Mana

Duran and Angela get a Trials of Mana spotlight video

We get a closer look at the two characters headed to the RPG when it arrives next year, with the other four getting videos in the future.

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Square Enix has just provided us with a new trailer for Trials of Mana, in which we get a good look at two of the six heroes, these being Duran and Angela, a young soldier from Valsena and the rebellious princess of Altena respectively.

The other heroes - Hawkeye, Riesz, Kevin, and Charlotte - will be getting trailers in the future, but for now we can get a taste of both of these heroes in the video below, who are headed to the RPG when it lands on April 24.

In the game these six heroes fight against the forces of evil in a world where Mana has been weakened, and this tells the story of the Japanese game Seiken Densetsu 3, which was originally released in 1995.

Trials of Mana is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC (via Steam), and PS4, and those who pre-purchase or buy the game before May 21 next year will get the Rabite Adornment DLC, letting players get more EXP after battles up to level 10. Those on PS4 who pre-order will also get an exclusive avatar set, with those on Steam buying before May 21 getting a wallpaper set too.

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Trials of Mana

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