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Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2's latest showcase revealed the game's collaboration with a parkour legend

He is said to be bringing his talents to a "major in-game character."

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Dying Light 2's second Dying 2 Know showcase took place last night, and as expected, it included many exciting behind-the-scenes details on the zombie parkour sequel. During the showcase, Techland revealed that parkour legend David Belle has been deeply involved in the project and has even been active in lending his talents for a "major in-game character."

During this second episode, we also received a chillingly-tense new gameplay trailer as well as more details on the game's audio design and new types of infected creatures. We also got to take a look at a new collaboration that is taking place between Techland and Dynamite Entertainment. The pair have joined forces to create a new comic book called Banshee: I Am The Cure that is set within the Dying Light universe. This comic book is heading to retail later this year and a free digital version can be grabbed here until July 15.

Techland also revealed that a third Dying 2 Know showcase will be coming soon and it will include details on weapon crafting and the game's iconic parkour system.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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