EA is aiming to double its sport gaming audience over the next five years

The process will see it aim to reach 500 million players, up from 230 million.

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EA has really doubled-down on its sports franchises over the past year, with the acquisition of Codemasters opening new avenues in motorsport (with the F1 series being the prime example), the acquisition of Metalhead Software seeing the publisher getting into baseball, as well as the announcements to return to golf and college football with new games.

In an interview with Axios, EA Sports general manager Daryl Holt spoke about what the publisher's plans are with all these sporting titles, mentioning that it aims to use the developers and IPs to double its sports games audience - from 230 million to 500 million players - over the next five years.

It was mentioned in the interview that this expansion will see EA use "new business models" and "new geographies", alongside a frequent offering of sports titles all year around, including focussing efforts on its mobile division (that was recently bolstered with Golf Clash developer Playdemic), and linking players together with a series of social networks within its games.

In other EA news, the publisher recently unveiled its Dead Space remake at the latest EA Play Live event.

EA is aiming to double its sport gaming audience over the next five years

Thanks, Axios.

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