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EA releases 14 games on Steam, EA Access coming later

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, which will release on May 7, is among the titles.

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Last year an old game entry appeared within the Steam database and it led many to believe that Electronic Arts, for the first time in seven years, had changed its mind about releasing self-distributed PC games exclusively in its own PC shop Origin. A few weeks later Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order landed on Valves distribution platform and now 13 additional titles from the publisher are available there, too. Ironically, Saboteur, the game that started the rumour, isn't among them.

The small selection of EA titles contains some great games that we have seen and celebrated ever since the end of the last console generation. In addition to some alibi add-ons, the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (which will release on June 7) is our highlight here - EA confirmed mod support of the strategy remaster in the Steam Workshop at launch. Many of the games are currently sold with big discounts in the Steam Shop too if you absolutely want to catch up.

On top of that, Electronic Arts will also sell their EA Access subscription via Steam. There is no detailed information about how the subscription works on Steam available yet, but Origin should serve as a template (you get access to certain EA games, special discounts and may play upcoming PC titles in advance). The campaign is scheduled to start this summer and many fans hope that the company will work with Valve on better connectivity between Steam and Origin.

Here is the list of all newly released EA titles that are now available on Steam:

EA releases 14 games on Steam, EA Access coming later

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