EA Sports Madrid, a new studio set up for NBA Live

Announced by Daryl Holt at Gamelab Barcelona.

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Daryl Holt, vice president and group chief operating officer at Electronic Arts, made the first big announcement at Gamelab 2018, a series of conferences for game developers, publishers and enthusiast held in Barcelona this week. In the near future, they will set EA Sports Madrid, a new studio created to, at first, give support to EA Tiburon with NBA Live.

EA has a strong presence in Madrid, with Q&A, localization and communication teams, so starting a development studio was a "logic" decision. He also mentioned the culture of sports in the Spanish capital city and made reference to other Spanish studios like Tequila Works. He spoke of Spanish developers as "special people", full of talent.

Gamereactor had a chat with Holt after the announcement. We will bring you more on the topic in the evening, including the number of jobs created.

The NBA Live series has had a lot of issues in recent years, perhaps a change of studios is what it needs.

EA Sports Madrid, a new studio set up for NBA Live

Update: here's our full interview with Daryl Holt.

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