Eagle Gaming are Overwatch Contenders Season 2 EU champs

But they've also removed buyout clauses for players.

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Esports organisation Eagle Gaming has revealed not only that they've taken the victory in the grand final of the Overwatch Contenders competition for Europe in Season 2, but also that they've renounced the buyout clauses for all of their players, because they want to make it as easy as possible for them to advance to Academy or Overwatch League teams if they so choose.

In the grand final they faced Angry Titans and beat them 4 to 1 at the event that was hosted alongside the European World Cup qualifier (in which UK and France advanced), and they say that since Eagle Gaming's ambition is to help their players reach the top of the scene, this is the reason why buyout clauses were removed. They also added that "it would be an honor and a satisfaction to see them playing in the Blizzard Arena."

"As the President of Eagle Gaming, I ever thought of the well-being of my employees and more especially, the players," said Xavier Calvi, President and Founder of Eagle Gaming. "Even if we have an effective successful team, who proved its great potential during the Overwatch Contenders finals, we prefer to escort our players through their careers to reach top level of competition. That's why we decide to break the buyout clause in their contract to offer them the best chance to obtain a place in an Overwatch League team. For these who will go away from us, we wish them the best and hope they will keep some great moments with us."

What do you make of this decision from Eagle Gaming?

Photo: Eagle Gaming

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