Earthfall hopes to be more hectic than Left 4 Dead

We spoke to HoloSpark's Collin Moore at E3.

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Earthfall is a game that doesn't hide the fact that it's inspired by Left 4 Dead, and at Microsoft's Xbox Showcase at E3 we got to talk with HoloSpark's Collin Moore about the game, and why they took inspiration from Valve's shooter.

"We're huge Left 4 Dead fans," he said. "We wanted to bring that co-op gameplay back, especially with rifles and guns and things like that, and so this was a genre we thought was underserved and it was a game genre that we all love and enjoy, and all of us also have a long history of working on first-person shooters. Our team is comprised of people who've done FEAR and Condemned and Destiny and Destiny 2, so these are games that we love and we just wanted to bring that genre back into its place."

We also asked about whether fans can expect it so be as hectic as Left 4 Dead was, to which he said:

"We hope for it to be more, especially when you get four people in there and the four people really know what they're doing and work together, it can really become a huge firefight."

Have you had a chance to check out Earthfall? If not, then check out the interview and trailer below.


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