EA's solution for players who waste time passing on FIFA 19

Samuel Rivera spoke to us in Madrid.

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FIFA 19 looks set to be a very interesting iteration in the series as it enters its third year with the Frostbite engine, building upon what was a solid base with FIFA 18, and when we talked to lead gameplay producer Samuel Rivera at the Wanda Metropolitano (Atlético de Madrid's stadium), he talked to us specifically about how they're dealing with those who pass it round the back.

"We knew that some people when they're winning sometimes they just start passing at the back," he said. "This year what we're doing to give you more tools so that you have control and you can defend that, is the Team Press. You can set it up from your tactics - which by the way all the tactics are new - so the tactics tell you when you want that Team Press to happen. When you lose possession, everybody should go put pressure. If you think somebody's kind of in a bad moment to control the ball going backwards, you can try and sort of surprise with that pressure. High pressure is all the time trying to pressure the opponent. Or, if you manually [decide] I want it now, then with the D-pad you just press it for the quick tactics and one of the options is the Team Press. And then you will see all your team right away that moment pressuring, and if you do it it's very hard to just keep passing easily in the back."

"Obviously, like any tactic, it has to have a disadvantage. So, if you're doing it and somebody is able to get out of pressure when you're doing it, then they will have an easier time going against your defenders 'cause all your midfielders were gone trying to put pressure. That's kind of how it works and it came because of feedback 'cause we know it's a problem, we play the game a lot and we understand what we need to implement for the next year."

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