Echo release date confirmed

Coming from ex-Hitman devs.

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Ultra Ultra, a new indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark that consists of ex-IO Interactive developers, have announced the release date for their debut game. Called Echo, players step into the shoes of En, a space traveller who has arrived at her destination after 100 years in stasis. Using forgotten technology, En's goal is to "bring back a life that should not have been lost."

Echo is a third-person sci-fi adventure set in a place called The Palace, and quickly develops into something more unsettling than what it first seems. The Palace studies everything you are and everything that you do, and creates Echoes; mimics of yourself that will evolve based on your actions. If you sneak, they start to sneak. If you shoot, they start to shoot back. The enemy is you.

Echo releases on September 19th for PC and PS4, and you can check out the trailer below. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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