Echo studio Ultra Ultra "has ceased to exist"

The film will live on and the game is still on sale, but the studio itself has revealed the closure and thanked fans.

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Ultra Ultra is the studio responsible for Echo - a game in which you play against clones of yourself that learn your movements to use against you in a virtual world created by a hostile AI - and now we've learned via Twitter that the studio is no more.

"We're terribly sad to report that Ultra Ultra has ceased to exist. We are grateful to have had the chance to crystallize something truly from the heart. ECHO will remain available on stores," the message reads.

That said, responses to the tweet have revealed that a film adaptation is still in the works, so we will see Echo's legacy live on through that project.

If you're interested in the game, available now on PC and PS4, then be sure to check the trailers out down below. Have you played it before?


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