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ECS Season Two finals will take place December 9 to 11

The final matches will be held at the Anaheim Arena.

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The final matches for Season Two of the ECS (Esports Championship Series) will be held on December 9 to 11, with the last two days of the finals being held at the Anaheim Arena in California.

The event will be the largest CS:GO event in Southern California's history and a prize pool of $750,000 US dollars is up for grabs, as well as participation fees. The top four teams from North America and Europe will battle it out for a chance to win this prize money and the lineup is sure to be strong come December.

All of the teams participating in Season Two earn all the benefits as those of Season One participants as well, including co-ownership in the league and the opportunity to select representation on the governing committee of the league. The ECS is also providing $1.75 million for Season Two to go toward's the prize pool and funds that should help with player stability, including helping organisations provide fair salaries, better facilities and generally improving player welfare.

"We wanted to bring the ECS to the amazing fans in North America for the finals of Season Two," Michele Attisani, CBO and co-founder of Faceit said. "Our American fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate [and] we can't wait to give them an awesome show and take the step towards a truly global league. Not to mention in December the players will appreciate the warm weather and Disneyland right next door."

Tickets can be purchased here and the normal ticket costs $15.00 US dollars (currently reduced to $11.25 as part of the Early Bird promotion) and provides access to the venue on December 10 and 11 as well as to partner booths, signing sessions and other activities. The Ticket Plus, however, is $35.00 (reduced to $26.25) and includes access to the above as well as a limited edition ECS Anaheim cap and access to the improved seating area.

The most expensive ticket is the Premium Ticket, though, which is currently reduced from $75.00 to $56.25. This includes all of the features from the other two tickets as well as a limited edition ECS Anaheim hoodie, a fast-track for queues and access to the premium seated area.

Students with a valid student ID can get a free Student Ticket, though, covering both days of the final. Will you be looking into attending the event? What do you think of the venue choice?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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