Rainbow Six: Siege

Eight teams whittled down to four in Six Invitational day one

Evil Geniuses, Penta Sports, Black Dragons, and Rogue are left standing.

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If you weren't aware, the Six Invitational tournament for Ubisoft's shooter Rainbow Six: Siege is currently underway in Montreal, the home of the Ubisoft studio working on the game, and today marked the first day in which the competition was held in the new arena Ubisoft has prepared for the occasion, including all the quarter finals.

The first quarter final of the day was Penta Sports against Ence Esports, a match fit to be any grand final, since both are top teams and between them had won all of the Rainbow Six Pro League competitions in the game's second year. Things started shaky for Ence Esports, losing 5-2 against their European rivals, and things didn't get much better from then on, as despite glimpses of promise and a push into overtime, Penta won the set 2-0 to send the reigning Pro League champions home.

After that was Brazilian side Black Dragons - who has been grand finalists in Brazil during the last Pro League finals in November - who faced Mindfreak, a team from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region that surprised a lot of people by getting all the way to the quarter finals out of the preliminary matches. Like with Penta versus Ence though this was to be a 2-0 set too, as Mindfreak lost the first map 5-1 and never rallied back from that, despite showing signs of promise. Black Dragons looked confident though, and they showed it.

One of the most anticipated matches of today (behind Penta facing Ence) was Evil Geniuses against FaZe Clan, as FaZe went in as heavy favourites with their dominant and impressive performance in preliminary matches (especially against Ence). It wasn't to be though, as the Brazilian FaZe side - formerly known as Team Fontt at the last Pro League finals in Brazil - came back from an early map loss to tie things to 1-1, but couldn't push it all the way, meaning reigning Six Invitational champions Evil Geniuses walked away with the spot in the semi finals.

In some ways the best was saved until last though, as Rogue's match against Team Supremacy was horrendously close, especially in the last map, where nobody could tell who was going to clinch the coveted place in the semi finals. With the score once more tied at 1-1, Rogue were the team to just edge the win, despite a strong Supremacy performance throughout the entire match.

This means that in tomorrow's semi finals we have Penta facing Black Dragons while Rogue take on Evil Geniuses, so it'll be interesting to see who can take their win from today and carry that forward into positive momentum tomorrow. As for today though, this has shown who's hot right now, especially with regards to Penta and Black Dragons.

Who do you think we'll see in the grand final on Sunday?

Rainbow Six: Siege
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