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Eleague allegedly deny failing to pay teams

Update: team owners have spoken out and confirm they feel they're owed more.

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A spokesperson from Eleague has claimed that every team that participated in the first season of the CS:GO Eleague tournament has been paid, following a report that six teams hadn't received their money yet.

"All teams have been compensated per our agreements with them," the statement reads. "We value our relationships with all teams and will continue to provide a best-in-class experience for them."

The report from Slingshot Esports claimed that the six teams (Cloud9, TSM, Team Liquid, Counter Logic Gaming, NRG Esports, and CompLexity Gaming) are currently in a compensation dispute with Turner Sports, with claims they have not been paid for the first season are are owed an added $30,000 US dollars as an appearance fee.

According to Turner Sports, though, this appearance fee wasn't guaranteed - teams were guaranteed at least $30,000 for appearing in the tournament, and that ambiguity is what has led to confusion.

Either way, it seems as if the dispute is ongoing, but time will tell how it progresses.

Update: Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez Santiago, owner of G2 Esports tweeted on January 4 about the issue, saying: "G2 Esports and our CS:GO players agreed on sharing the appearance fees from Eleague. It was understood as an addition to prize money."

Victor Goossens from Team Liquid also tweeted about the issue, saying: "It's my understanding that most teams understood there was a separate $30K appearance fee from Eleague."

So it seems as if the disagreement between the two is ongoing at least.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Eleague

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