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Tekken 7

Eleague is launching a team-based Tekken competition

Starting on March 3.

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Esports brand Eleague (which is part of Turner Broadcasting) has already hosted competitions for games like Injustice 2, CS:GO, and Street Fighter V in the past, and now they're branching our further with a newly announced tournament for Tekken 7, starting on March 3.

The Tekken Team Takedown is a team-focused tournament for the game, with four teams of five, and matches will start from 14:00 ET (19:00 GMT). That's not all though, as there's also a four-part miniseries coming with the competition as well, similar to what we've seen Eleague do with their other competitions.

The team competition will see one-on-one matches as we'd expect, and teams win by eliminating all of their opposition. What's more is that we also know the talent for this competition as well, as a Twitter post revealed that Richard Lewis, Steve 'Tasty Steve' Scott, Reepal 'RIP' Parbhoo, Mark 'Markman' Julio, Stephen 'Sajam' Lyon, and Michele Morrow will be hosting and casting the shows.

Do you like the team format?

Tekken 7

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