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Eleague Major: Boston gets a documentary series

The first instalment will focus on Cloud9's Stewie2K.

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As you may remember, North American CS:GO team Cloud9 won the Eleague Major competition in Boston last month, and now Eleague (the tournament organiser) has revealed a five-part documentary series about the Major is coming our way, with the first episode airing today at 22:00 ET/PT on TBS, with future episodes being shown on Fridays from then on.

The first episode will follow Cloud9's player Jacky 'Stewie2K' Yip and the rest of the Cloud9 team, which is appropriate considering they were the champions of the whole thing. The series will then go on to look at other top teams like Mousesports, SK Gaming, and FaZe Clan, including training before the competition as well as their participation in the main event, not to mention the gaming houses of some of the teams.

This isn't Eleague's first foray into documentaries, as they produced a series based on Dota 2 in the run-up to The International tournament back in August 2017, and they also released a documentary on Street Fighter V player Lee 'Infiltration' Seon-woo during their SFV competition. In fact, it's not just Eleague producing esports documentaries, as others have released documentary series for esports events, like Ubisoft with Rainbow Six: Siege's upcoming Six Invitational.

For more on this Eleague Major: Boston series though be sure to check out the trailer for the first episode. Do you think esports needs more documentaries showing behind-the-scenes content?

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