Street Fighter V

Eleague releases documentary on Infiltration

The Street Fighter V pro is fighting in the Eleague Invitational.

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Turner and IMG have released a new video profiling the career of top Street Fighter V player Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo, who is in Group A of the Eleague SFV Invitational, a documentary which will be showcased during the coverage of Group A that starts today.

The video features words from the man himself, who says that he thinks it's been 75% luck and 25% effort to get to where he is, as well as insights from his parents, and footage of some of his previous achievements.

You can watch Eleague coverage on Twitch, YouTube, or the Eleague website, with Group B on April 21, Group C on May 5, and Group D on May 12, with the grand final on May 26. Do you think Infiltration has the potential to win this tournament?

Street Fighter V
Photo: Turner Sports

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