Political Animals

Election sim Political Animals coming later this year

The gritty battle for leadership, but with a twist.

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A new game is being developed by Philippines-based developer Squeaky Wheel Studio and published by Positech Games, in what looks to be an interesting take on the political antics that have been going on over in the Philippines over the last few months.

Going by the name of Political Animals, the game features leaders of political parties that are reimagined as animals. In Squeaky Wheel Studio's own words, "the smug businessmen, commie sympathisers, liberal do-gooders and retired sports and movie stars that usually run for office are recreated in adorable animal form."

Don't be fooled by the "adorable animal form" though; it's just a façade, and the competition between these animals is fierce.

The game will feature four different maps, and a myriad of different animals to choose from. You must compete for leadership and win the favour of different areas of the map, and you will be forced to make agonising decisions to win that favour from certain tiers of animal society.

Political Animals is set to release in autumn of this year for PC and Mac.

Political AnimalsPolitical Animals
Political AnimalsPolitical AnimalsPolitical Animals

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