Elex is 1.5 times as big as Gothic 3 without any loading

Piranha Bytes jokes you may want to get "unemployed" for this one come October.

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Piranha Bytes has been making RPGs for the last couple of decades, with the Gothic series and the Risen series, now the time has come for something new, the "science fantasy" RPG Elex. We were joined by story and quest designers Amadeus Weidmann and Harald Iken at Gamescom to talk about the game.

"We did role-playing games for a long time now and we really wanted to mix it up this and make something special, something unique", said Amadeus Weidmann. "We wanted to make something different. So we came up with this mix of post-apocalyptic science fantasy, throw it all together, and give it a new home for a new setting."

The conversation also touched on how a guy with an axe can face off with a robot and still come out on top, and the game's factions. The size of the world its different biomes was another talking point.

"It's 1.5 [times] as big as Gothic 3, which was our biggest game which was our biggest game so far", says Iken. "There will be no loading zones at all. We have a forest landscape, we have a desert, we have a volcanic landscape, we have ice landscape, so there are a lot of areas to explore. And, of course, it takes a lot of time to play this game, maybe you should get unemployed then you have a lot of time to play it (laughs)..."


Elex will see release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 17.


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