Elex's choice system is dynamic and doesn't rely on cutscenes

Michael Paeck explained the importance of choices in Elex.

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While we were in London looking at Elex at a THQ Nordic event recently, we spoke to producer Michael Paeck to talk about the game, and during our discussion we touched upon the topic of choices, and how important they will be in Elex.

"I think we have the largest interconnected quest system so far," he said. "So basically we don't rely on cutscenes so much because we want to have all these dynamic dialogues. They have a lot of branches based on decisions you make either within the same conversation, or much much earlier on. So there is a lot of action and consequence in the game, but we can do it because we don't rely on fixed cutscenes that have to be exactly the way they've been recorded, but we can do it dynamically, and that's a big plus."

We also asked how important your faction choice in the game will be for shaping the story, to which Paeck said: "They are the base of the story basically. So depending on what faction you pick, and you have to pick a faction at some point, but that can either be in hour two of the game or in hour 20 of the game, but after that the story will develop in different ways [...] many quests along the way will play differently depending on what faction you play."

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