Metro 4

Embracer acquires Metro developer 4A, new game in the works

The plan is to strengthen Saber Interactive's development force in Ukraine as the group grows.

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The Metro trilogy developers will keep working with Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky to further explore the acclaimed post-apocalyptic franchise with at least one more game. The new project was confirmed earlier this morning, together with the full acquisition of 4A Games and the revelation that they are working on a multiplayer title based on a new IP.

4A Games, which are split into two offices in Malta and Ukraine, have been purchased (among many other acquisitions confirmed today) by the constantly-growing Embracer Group. The operation, sealed by a sum of $71 million, has been executed via their also recently-acquired Saber Interactive label, which joined existing divisions THQ Nordic, Coffee Stain, Amplifier, DECA Games, and Koch Media earlier this year.

While the new Metro was casually mentioned a year ago by THQ Nordic's Lars Wingefors, the company reiterated its plan to keep working with the author today, with the acquisition meaning reduced Metro development costs and that the studio will share technology and knowledge with other divisions of the group to reinforce Saber's dev force. In the other direction, Saber is providing support and expertise for 4A Games to create their other, for-now-secret project, a brand-new AAA IP focused on multiplayer action and not based or licensed from an external IP.

What do you expect from a next-gen Metro, and from a 4A Games multiplayer experience?

Metro 4

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