Embracer reveals that it has 118 titles in development

That's a whole bunch of projects in the works for the constantly expanding publisher.

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A fairly frequent headline on Gamereactor during the last few years has been that THQ Nordic has bought a new video game franchise or a developer. THQ Nordic's parent company has since then changed its name to Embracer Group, and today the company owns no less than 26 studios.

Now the Embracer Group has presented their financial report for the quarter January - March 2020, and they had plenty of intersting details to share. The most eye-catching nugget is the fact that they right now have no less than 118 titles in development. And while we do know about some of them (like Biomutant, Destroy All Humans and Desperados III), 69 titles are currently unannounced...

Basically, expect to see a whole lot of games from Embracer Group's many publishing labels and developers during the coming years.


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