Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon has sold three million copies

Dodge Roll's bullet hell game has proven popular, and fans can expect more action this year.

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Dodge Roll's Enter the Gungeon is a game that fuses genres like dungeon crawlers and bullet hell shooters, and it turns out this combination has gone down well with players, as the game's Twitter account has revealed that it's surpassed three million copies.

House of the Gundead is coming to arcades this year, with Exit the Gungeon also heading to PC and consoles early in 2020, so the journey is far from over.

To remind you, Exit the Gungeon has already released on Apple Arcade, but will be branching out onto these other platforms after the initial launch in September.

As for House of the Gundead, this is coming exclusively to arcades, but custom cabinets can be ordered from Griffin Aerotech, as you can see on Devolver's site.

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Enter the Gungeon

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