Epic Games opens up on Fortnite's server issues

They've learned lessons moving forwards.

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Seldom do companies share all the details about their technical difficulties in an open and comprehensive way, but that's exactly what Epic Games has just done with an in-depth report explaining a recent milestone hit by their game Fortnite, and the consequent issues the game suffered.

This milestone is an astonishing peak of 3.4 million concurrent players on Sunday, February 4, and this led to several issues on the online servers. Now the company is looking at how to better respond to these, hence the tech-heavy explanation and even a bunch of job offers worldwide.

"Also, Epic Games needs YOU! If you have domain expertise to solve problems like these, and you'd like to contribute to Fortnite and other efforts, join Epic in Seattle, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, UK, Stockholm, Seoul, or elsewhere! Please shoot us an email at [email protected]," the studio writes.

The comprehensive report also talks about server load, specific incidents, and database access, all of which contributed to latency, poor performance in matches, and even complete service disruption. What's more is that when the team tried some techniques to help with these issues, they ended up making even more of a mess, as "what we expected to be a performance improvement resulted in the opposite and was only revealed at peak production workloads".

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