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Episode two of Between the Battlegrounds goes live

The PUBG Mobile Esports documentary continues with its second episode entitled "Be Resilient".

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Last month, PUBG Mobile Esports debuted the first episode of its documentary series entitled "Between the Battlegrounds," which set out to explore the highs and lows of pro PUBG Mobile players. The debut episode has already proved to be a moderate hit on YouTube - amassing over 420,000 views since surfacing July 19.

Fans of the first episode haven't had long to wait for a follow-up, however, as episode two "Be Resilient" has just surfaced on YouTube. This second episode is a direct continuation of the first and follows esports pros, such as MARTIN, RensKy, and MADTOI.

You can watch the second episode of the series here.

What are you thinking of the series so far?

Thanks, Dot Esports.

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