Eqo leaves Philadelphia Fusion's Overwatch team

He's been on the roster for two years, but he's now saying goodbye to the team he's known since its birth.

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Josh 'Eqo' Corona is a veteran Overwatch League player who has been with Philadelphia Fusion ever since the team was first created in 2017, but now the side has announced that they're parting ways with Eqo, providing a video dedicated to him as well.

"As a member of our team for the past two seasons, we cannot thank him enough for his hard work, dedication, and in-game leadership," the tweet reads.

"We wish you the best in your future career. You'll always be a part of the Fusion family."

Eqo appeared at the Overwatch League grand finals for the first season, so he has experienced a fair amount of success with the team, although that couldn't quite be replicated in Season 2.

Will you miss Eqo?

Photo: Overwatch League

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