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ESL and Movistar announce partnership

The aim is to grow esports in Spain.

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ESL has announced that it will join forces with Movistar, the Spanish mobile phone operator under the Telefonica brand. It's believed the partnership will benefit the esports community in Spain, as the telecommunication company's support will widen access to tournaments and events.

The cooperation is also good news for Spanish teams and players, as sponsored amateur and professional competitions will be offered in the likes of CS:GO and League of Legends. This includes open cups and the Spanish ESL National Championship. Movistar will also have a presence at events such as ESL Expo to push esports growth in the region.

"ESL has been active in developing electronic sports in Spain for over ten years and supporting national talent through a variety of competitions and events. This agreement is a monumental step forward for esports in our country," said Manuel Moreno, Managing Director of ESL in Spain. "Both companies are world leaders in our respective industries and there is no doubt that this partnership will reinforce Spain's position on the international stage."

Luis Miguel Gilpérez, CEO of Telefónica España, is also excited about Movistar's involvement: "Movistar has been participating in major esports events for years, creating LAN parties and providing the best fibre for competitions. The agreement with ESL will help us create an esports ecosystem that will allow Movistar to develop and promote esports in Spain, making it one of the leading players in what is already the "21st century sport"."

In addition to the partnership, Movistar is also due to launch an esports TV channel in its network. With a total of 13 events lined up for this year, broadcasts won't just be limited to Spanish esports either. Many of its other channels will also receive regular esports segments to promote the new venture.

Where else do you think still needs growth in terms of esports?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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