Street Fighter V

ESL One New York sets new records

The event became one of the most talked about tournaments in ESL history.

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At the beginning of this month, fans of Counter-Strike and Street fighter converged on New York to watch the ESL One NY tournament, which quickly became one of the most talked about ESL events in history. Before the event began, it was already slated to be the host of the biggest ever CS event in New York, boasting a prize pool of $250,000.

The event, which was held in the Barclays Arena, saw the best CS and Street Fighter players in the world compete, and attracted over 20 million unique viewers online as well as filling the arena. The event was full of impressive highlights for both games, but the finals between Virtus.pro and NaVi was a showcase of some of the best Counter-Strike we've seen in a while.

The Counter-Strike tournament peaked at over 450,000 concurrent views and 6 million unique views, which equates to over eight million hours logged across the many platforms it was streamed on. On social media, over 122 million impressions were made via Facebook and Twitter, which includes over seven million posts from fans across the world. 10.6 of the 21 million unique views generated were thanks to tournament highlights and other on-the-side content.

It's safe to say that ESL One NY was a roaring success, and it'll undoubtedly draw more esports attention to the US East Coast, which most of the time is less exciting than the West. Did you tune in?

Street Fighter V

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