Despite just winning another Overwatch Contenders major, American Tornado has disbanded

The team had already won three tournaments this season alone.

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Yesterday, we reported on the winners of the European and the North American Overwatch Contenders Season 2 - July event. Over in the States, the winning team was once again American Tornado, a roster of players who have become incredibly dominant in the tier-two scene, winning three of the four main tournaments this season alone.

However, that spree has come to an end, as American Tornado has announced that it has disbanded, and that it will no longer be competing in Contenders.

The announcement post states, "The end of an era.

We want to give a big thank you to our players, staff, and fans for supporting us this past year.

Although our journey in Contenders has come to an end, be sure to support our players in Collegiate & Contenders while they prepare for OWL."

No word has been mentioned as to what the many players and staff who were part of this team will do, but we'd like to think that their success in Contenders will see at least a few get seats in the Overwatch League soon.


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