Guangzhou Charge has transitioned Jihun into a two-way player role

The tank player will now be eligible to compete in the Contenders scene as well as remaining on the Charge's roster.

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Due to the design of the Overwatch League and Overwatch Contenders, OWL teams are allowed to make their players into two-way players, meaning they can compete in both the OWL and for the team's respective Contenders roster. This process isn't a seamless one, players have to take a period of time before switching between the two, but it does allow an OWL team to retain a player on their roster, while also ensuring they get to play and keep their mechanics up to date.

The latest to use this system is the Guangzhou Charge, who has announced that Ji-hun "Jihun" Kim, will be taking up a two-way role, making him also eligible to play for the UP Academy.

As the Charge has already finished its OWL 2021 campaign, after finishing 17th in the regular season and failing to qualify for postseason, we won't be seeing Jihun in the mint green anytime soon, but that doesn't mean we won't see him making waves in the Contenders scene.


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