Overwatch League's NYXL gets their own ice cream flavour

Overwatch League's NYXL gets their own ice cream flavour

It's not your traditional ice cream, as it's actually based on fried chicken, inspired by the team's Korean heritage.

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When we're talking about Overwatch League teams it's usually to do with results or signings or something along those lines, but New York Excelsior has turned heads by revealing something to do with ice cream, since Salt & Straw has created a flavour dedicated to NYXL.

In the video below Head Ice Cream Maker Tyler Malek talks about what this is, as the Lower East-Fried flavour features candied fried chicken skins and many other ingredients, and it's described as "seasoned Korean fried chicken" by those who tasted it in the video.

What flavour would you assign to your favourite team?

Photo: Overwatch League

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