UK reveals its Overwatch World Cup shortlist

12 players will be reduced to seven this week, and we know who's in the running for a spot in each position.

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Last week France, Sweden, and China revealed their 12-player rosters for the Overwatch World Cup, which will all be whittled down the seven as we get closer to the competition, and now the UK team has taken to Twitter to reveal their own 12-player list.

In terms of DPS players, this includes Kyb, Zeal, KSP, and Lynnnnnx, while at the Tank position we have Fusions, Numlocked, Brute, and Smex. To round things off, the four Support players are Boombox, Slur, Funnyastro, and Kruise, with Boombox representing Philadelphia Fusion during the Overwatch League grand finals last year.

Is this a good side so far?

Photo: Blizzard

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