Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

BIG reportedly looking to replace Gob b and Denis

The CS:GO team might be changing round a bit, including a new head coach for the German side.

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It seems like CS:GO team BIG (Berlin International Gaming) might be set for a change in their roster, at least according to a new Dexerto report, which claims that Fatih 'Gob b' Dayik and Denis 'Denis' Howell could be getting replaced.

BIG is reportedly exploring options now, with benched played Owen 'Smooya' Butterfield and Johannes 'Nex' Maget as potential options. The report also claims the previous discussions around Gob b becoming a coach will no longer become a reality, and discussions are allegedly ongoing with Sprout coach Tobias 'TowB' Herberhold, who would replace Alexander 'Kakafu' Szymanczyk as head coach.

Sources claim that Smooya isn't wanting to return to the lineup though, and another source added that Nex coming back to the roster isn't the first choice either. Michael 'DevraNN' Geutebrück, a member of their academy team, is also up for consideration.

Should the two players be replaced?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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