Germany's Overwatch World Cup team has been announced

The roster has plenty of Contenders talent, and joins the growing list of countries revealing teams.

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In the latest full roster announcement for the Overwatch World Cup, we get to take a look at the seven players Germany is planning on taking to compete in the global tournament. Featuring a few players from Contenders teams, a few high-ranked names, and nobody from the Overwatch League itself, Germany won't be fielding a star-studded roster to compete this year, but that doesn't mean they can't rise to the challenge.

In the main tank role, we will be seeing Hadi lead the team. He currently plays the role for the British Hurricane, the London Spitfire's Contenders roster. Alongside him in the flex tank role will be Moose, another Contenders player currently signed under the Clockwork Vendetta banner, and in the damage role, we will be seeing Germany take three members, as some other teams are themselves. Here we will be seeing Engineer, also from Clockwork Vendetta, Phi from Path to Pro team ExOblivione, and streamer/high-ranked player Rady. Finally, in support, we won't be seeing Kodak return, instead getting Illbethebest, from Contenders team Shu's Money Crew, and Rephid.

To further understand the reasoning behind the choice of each player, the coaches behind Germany's roster have put out a statement."We are very confident in our seven players to make a huge impact in this upcoming Overwatch World Cup," the statement reads.

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