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Overwatch League signs DreamSeat as chair supplier

They can provide chairs with OWL team logos as well, having shown players the products this summer.

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DreamSeat LLC and affiliates Zipchair and Zipchair Gaming have revealed a deal with the Overwatch League to become the official chair supplier for the tournament for the postseason and the 2020 season, including a license to sell chairs in the US and Canada with OWL team logos.

Overwatch League players will be using these Xpression gaming chairs in the future, having first been introduced to it in summer. What's more is that console gamers will be able to buy chairs this autumn as well.

"DreamSeat has a been working hand in hand with professional leagues for many years, and the Overwatch League embodies why we all love competitive entertainment," said Chandler Suprina, VP of Business Development at DreamSeat. "The spectator experience is as much a part of the appeal as is the product on the field. DreamSeat products are used in every professional sports locker room, stadium, and suites—so teaming up with the Overwatch League in the esports arena is a natural progression. This partnership provides us with an opportunity to introduce the Zipchair Gaming furniture line to a new segment of fans and align our products and brand with the most exciting esports league out there."

"Partnering with DreamSeat allows us to brand our on-stage chairs for each team, without having a different set of chairs for every one of our teams," added Anthony Theoharis, Director of Global Partnerships, Activision Blizzard Esports. "We're excited to be working with a company that shares our passion for professional sports and for the Overwatch League brand. We're pleased to be able to provide a way for our fans to purchase the exact same chair the Overwatch League professionals compete in"

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