All coaching staff depart Washington Justice

After below average results in the 2019 season, Justice is shaking things up a bit in the offseason.

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Washington Justice haven't always had the best results in the Overwatch League, and after the final of the 2019 season wrapped up this past weekend (seeing San Francisco Shock lift the trophy), they've revealed some big changes on Twitter.

This is because Kyoungey 'Molly' Kim, coach Mikael 'mKL' Skjønhaug, Canaan 'Shrugger' Carman, and Hyeongseok 'WizardHyeong' Kim have all left the coaching staff for the team, something that has surprised a fair few fans on Twitter after better results in Stage 4.

With an 8-20 record in 2019 though it's likely Justice felt that more dramatic changes were necessary to get better results.

Do you agree with this move?

Photo: Overwatch League

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