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Toronto Defiant add Agilities to roster

Rosterpocalypse has struck the Overwatch League hard and the Defiant are looking to reap the benefits.

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The current off-season of the Overwatch League has been hectic to say the least. We've seen some huge changes come to some of the biggest rosters and we've barely even scraped the surface however, recently the Toronto Defiant joined the fray with the acquisition of ex-Valiant player Brady "Agilities" Girardi.

Photo: Overwatch League

Announced over Twitter in a short video, Agilities commented on the signing saying; "glad to be home" however, it was the Defiant's response that really stole the show after they spoke on the pick-up saying; "You guys didn't think we'd really separate KariV from his BFF did you?" In which is in regard to the Defiant's other roster acquisition from the Valiant that was announced last week, where they signed support player Young-seo "KariV" Park.

Photo: Toronto Defiant

The pickup of the popular DPS player will see the Canadian organisation bring a second Canadian player into the mix. At the current time, the Defiant has seven players on their roster, four of which are DPS and three are support players, meaning we can expect to see some more roster news regarding the Defiant very soon. Until then, make sure to keep up with all things Overwatch League by checking out the current moves the Seoul Dynasty are making here.

Who else would you like to see the Defiant pick up?

Photo: Toronto Defiant

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