Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Gen.G reportedly in talks with Cloud9 CS:GO players

Along with SHiPZ from CR4ZY, with the organisation seemingly trying to push into CS:GO esports.

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According to a report from Dbltap, esports organisation Gen.G is talking with several members of Cloud9's CS:GO team regarding a possible transfer, according to unnamed sources, with Georgi 'SHiPZ' Grigorov also talking with Gen.G.

Timothy 'Autimatic' Ta and Damian 'Daps' Steele are the Cloud9 players named in the report, and it's unclear whether the others are in discussion with the new squad. SHiPZ, however, is a member of CR4ZY.

Gen.G has already got teams in games like League of Legends and Overwatch, but have shown their desire to expand in the past, like with their Call of Duty side.

Would these be good signings?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Gen.G

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