WhoRU added to the New York Excelsior OWL team

There's a lot of Korean talent in the side now, bolstering an already strong roster for the competition.

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Seung-jun 'WhoRU' Lee has just been unveiled as a new signing for the New York Excelsior Overwatch League team, a side that has experienced consistent success in the competition thus far (despite falling short of major accolades like the overall championship).

Earlier this month Juhyeop 'WhyNot' Lee joined the side as an assistant coach, so there's plenty of Korean talent in the NYXL team right now.

In 2019 NYXL finished behind the Vancouver Titans and eventual champions San Francisco Shock, so they're among the best teams in the competition right now, repeating their success in Season 1.

Can they make this count in 2020?

Photo: Overwatch League

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