Houston Outlaws' Jake retires from professional Overwatch

He cited various reasons for the decision, and the cost that comes with trying to be the best in your field.

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Jacob 'Jake' Lyon is an Overwatch player who has played for the Houston Outlaws team since 2017, but now he's taken to Twitter to tell fans that he's retiring, stepping away from professional Overwatch.

"I've sacrificed relationships, sleep, and SO much time to become a professional player. Despite the sacrifices, though, I do not regret chasing down my childhood dream. The chance to compete at the highest level among the best players on the planet was worth it all. I think I would have always regretted not giving it my 100% best possible effort had I gone a different direction with my life or, worse, given esports less than my best attempt. That said, I've changed a lot as a person since the start of my journey," he explains.

He also talks about having to give up streaming, and the results not being as satisfactory as he would have liked. As a consequence of all of these factors, he's moving on, although he's not talking about specific future plans just yet.

Just this year the Houston Outlaws were 16th in the table, prompting them to make a lot of changes in the offseason to try and improve results, and they've also been sold to Beasley Media Group, so it's all change at the team.

Will you miss Jake?

Photo: Overwatch League

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