Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Citilink and Intel partner with Epicenter

They've both come on board before the Moscow event this weekend, seeing eight teams compete in CS:GO.

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Citilink and Intel have revealed that they've become partners of Epicenter for the CS:GO event held in Moscow between December 21 and 22, seeing eight teams from Europe, CIS, and China battle it out for supremacy.

"Counter-Strike is one of the iconic esports disciplines. With its monthly audience of around half a million unique players, the FPS has even started to overtake Dota 2 in the peak player activity. We closely monitor the development of esports in the country. Therefore, we strive to support any projects related to this actively growing community as well as supplying esports athletes with all the required cutting-edge hardware. We hope to see the event bring its participants and viewers only the positive emotions, and, of course, victory to the strongest," said Aleksey Tsidilin, Head of Citilink esports academy project.

"Since esports is one of the drivers of innovative solutions in computer hardware and electronics, we are happy to welcome Citilink and Intel as the partners of EPICENTER series. We are sure this partnership will be fruitful and beneficial for all of us," added Sergey Barkhudaryan, ESforce Holding Commercial Director.

Are you excited for the event?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Epicenter

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