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Los Angeles Valiant changes their colours

GiG and RaiN have also been signed ahead of the 2020 season, so Valiant isn't afraid to change things up.

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The LA Valiant Overwatch League team is known for embracing a green colour scheme, but now a recent tweet has revealed a new approach, one that mixes yellow and blue to give the team a fresh identity.

"There's no sky like SoCal's - we're excited to share it with fans around the globe & pay homage to our home region with this fresh new look," Valiant writes.

"It's a big step! We're confident in our shift toward branding that's better integrated into merch, events, and Overwatch itself."

On top of that, the team also reveals on Twitter that Rick 'GiG' Salazar and Park 'RaiN' Jae-ho have joined the side, so they're making big changes.

The Overwatch League's Twitter account adds that old Valiant skins might not be available for much longer, so if you're interested you might want to invest sooner rather than later.

Do you like the new colours?

Photo: Los Angeles Valiant

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