Valorant First Strike North American qualifiers to feature a $100k prize pool

The first regional tournament for Riot's own Valorant esports series has announced its format and prize pool.

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Riot Games has revealed alongside Nerd Street Gamers (NSG) and Engine Media (UMG) that the North American qualifiers for the Valorant First Strike tournament will feature a $100k prize pool. Set to be hosted by NSG and Engine Media, the event will pit accepted teams against one another for a shot to qualify for the main event.

Starting as soon as October 26, the event has not announced accepted teams, but the NSG open qualifier will welcome 128 teams. Of those 128 accepted, the top 16 will advance to the qualifying event, with the top eight remaining afterwards being eligible for the main First Strike tournament.

The tournament hosted by Engine Media, or UMG has not revealed the number of teams accepted into the open qualifier, however, the format will reflect that of NSG's event, seeing the top 16 move to the UMG tournament, and then the top 8 remaining moving forward to the First Strike main event.

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