FunPlus Phoenix drop Meddo from its Valorant roster
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FunPlus Phoenix drop Meddo from its Valorant roster

The organisation who made it to the semi-finals in the First Strike Finals event is making a change.

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FunPlus Phoenix has announced that it will be dropping Johan "Meddo" Lundborg from its active Valorant roster. The team that made it all the way to the top-four of the EU First Strike Finals will be making a change to its Valorant line-up, only days after the tournament concluded.

We recently reported on the EU First Strike Finals, where we covered all the different match-ups before looking towards the champions, Team Heretics. FunPlus Phoenix unfortunately were less drenched in glory at the end of the weekend as they were eliminated in Saturday's match against SUMN FC, in a series that went 2-1 in SUMN's favour, even with Phoenix taking the first map.

Before the First Strike event, FunPlus Phoenix saw pretty great success across the Valorant tournaments they had entered, achieving no less than a 3-4th place result. With this sudden change of personnel, you have to wonder who FunPlus Phoenix has lined-up to fill the slot, as the First Strike result really isn't anything to sneer at.

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