CGN Esports releases its Valorant line-up

Following officially partnering in January, CGN has released its Valorant team by mutual agreement.

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CGN Esports has announced that it has released its Valorant line-up by mutual agreement, following the team practicing together since October, and officially partnering in January. The organisation has briefly detailed the reasoning behind the roster release on Twitter, stating, "with differences between players we will not achieve the goals that we've set together and the players will never show their full potential."

CGN does go on further explaining that the players are talented, and that they no doubt will find success elsewhere, but for whatever reason this team has not worked out, and has been released. "We scouted five very talented players, who will without a doubt show their full potential in the future," said CGN. "We wish our players all the best!
2021 is just the beginning of our long journey in VALORANT."

This does seem to suggest that CGN intends to recruit and field another Valorant roster, but as for who will be part of it, or when that will be announced, that remains unknown as of right now.

CGN Esports

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