Chengdu Hunters show off incredible looking custom RTX 3080

It comes in black and gold and features the iconic panda logo.

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The Chengdu Hunters Overwatch League team has revealed its custom RTX 3080 graphics card, a version of the elusive and incredibly hard to find piece of hardware that sports a black and gold colour scheme and comes with a Hunters' panda logo on its frame.

The device has only been announced, meaning there is no word as to when this will become available for purchase or its price, but considering it is referred to as a "limited edition" version of the 3080, the chances are very few people will ever get their hands-on one, which is a shame judging by how incredible it does look.

The post that revealed the graphics card variation did state, "We've worked with Nvidia on this specially designed RTX for 2 months", which does seem to suggest that it will be up for purchase at some point, but until that day comes, all we can do is admire the true beauty of this chunk of hardware.

Chengdu Hunters

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